Boardwalk Casino Antigua
We Bet You'll Love it
Located on the Boardwalk in Redcliffe Quay
at St. John's Cruise Port, Antigua

Boardwalk Casino
Premiere Casino at the Boardwalk
Boardwalk Casino is Antigua's newest Casino and Restaurant, located on the boardwalk in Redcliffe Quay, at St. John's Cruise Port. We pride ourselves on providing customers with an upscale and comfortable gaming experience.
Come join us for some exciting table and slot games, while enjoying a spectacular view of the water. There is no other place like this, and we bet you'll love it!
Boardwalk Restaurant
Casual Dining with a View
*Coming Soon*
Boardwalk Restaurant is in development and will provide customers with a lounge experience like no other. We will be creating a comfortable atmosphere for all guests to relax, experience a unique and delicious cuisine, all while enjoying the spectacular view of the harbour.

Games at Boardwalk Casino
Blackjack is a very popular and fun casino game where the Players play against the Dealer. Wagers are placed on their betting positions on the table. When betting is completed, the Dealer gives each Player two cards face up. The Dealer receives one initial face up card, and will draw the remaining cards after all players have finished their respective hands. The object is to have your cards equal or be as close to 21 as possible and beat the Dealer’s hand, without going over (busting).
Caribbean Stud Poker
This exciting variation of five-card stud Poker is easy to learn and fun to play. Each Player receives three cards and the Dealer receives two cards. The Dealer’s two cards are community cards that all Players use to make their best five-card Poker hand. In this game, the Players are not playing against each other or against the House, they are wagering that they will have a pair of tens or better. Players may bet an optional side wager based on the value of their own 3 card hand.
A long-time tradition in European casinos, this version of Roulette is fun and easy to play. The Player simply places their bet with casino chips or special colour roulette chips. If special coloured roulette chips are used, you determine the value of the chips when you buy in. After the bets have been placed on the layout, the Dealer spins the ball; if it lands where you have placed your chip(s), you win! The payoff is determined by how many numbers your chip has covered. Coloured Roulette chips must be redeemed at the Roulette table before you leave.
Spanish 21
Spanish 21 is an exciting, fast-paced version of regular Blackjack (21). Spanish 21 is played with a deck consisting of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Jack, Queen, King, & Ace…no 10’s! While basic Blackjack rules apply, it is the Match Play, Bonuses, Super Bonus and Late Surrender rules that make this game a Casino favourite.
Three Card Poker
Three Card Poker is an exciting stud poker game that offers three ways to play and four different ways to win. Players may bet against the Dealer or bet on the value of their own three-card hand or bet both. Bonus payouts may be paid for certain hands when wagering against the Dealer.

Poker at Boardwalk Casino
Texas Holdem & Tournaments
Texas Hold’em uses five community cards in conjunction with each Player’s own two cards. A minimum of two and a maximum of ten Players can participate at each table. The two Players to the left of the Dealer button begin by posting the blind bets. Two cards are dealt to each Player face down, followed by the first round of betting. Next, three cards are dealt face up in the center of the table, these are community cards. The second round of betting follows. Then the fourth communal card is dealt face up and the third round of betting takes place. The final communal card is dealt face up, followed by the last round of betting. Finally, it’s time for the showdown! The Dealer reads aloud all hands shown at this time and the pot goes to the highest-ranking 5-card Poker hand.
Boardwalk Casino currently operates 2 full standard poker tables and opens daily.

Slots at Boardwalk Casino
Slots Gaming
At Boardwalk Caisno, come play with over 100 slots and video poker machines in denominations ranging from 1¢ to $100, we've got countless ways to win for every level of player. Try your luck on reel, video reel and video poker machines or take a shot on the progressives — the action is non-stop!

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Boardwalk Casino Affiliate Properties
Boardwalk Casino is a well established brand in Antigua & Barbuda. Our affiliate brand, Sizzlin' Slots, is a premiere slots venue in the heart of downtown Antigua. While shopping on the island, stop by Sizzlin' Slots, where you will always feel at home with friends on the island.
Sizzlin' Slots
  Market & St. Mary's Street
Sizzlin' Slots
  Market & Tanner Street

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